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We offer our services on a fixed price basis.

We offer our services on a fixed price basis, we do not bill by the hour. Our firm should not get paid more, just because it takes longer to perform a particular task. Yet that is exactly the incentive hourly billing promotes. It encourages firms to prolong a client’s problem rather than solve it.

Although it is important to have a profitable firm, we believe that how well we perform an engagement (outcome) is more important than how much we earn (income) to perform it.

While the accepted industry standard for professional firms such as accountants and lawyers is to bill by the hour, this practice is not only potentially unfair in terms of value to both the advisor and the client, but also emphasises “income” over “outcome”.

Only you know what the value of our services is to your company. Part of an informed decision is to know in advance how much our services are going to cost. By agreeing to a fixed price in advance of the services being performed, our cost to you is guaranteed.

Accordingly, each member of our operations team is empowered to pursue the direction and alternatives that are in the best interest of our clients. They are not confined by or restricted to an arbitrary ‘time budget’ because we do not bill by the hour.

At the end of the day, you will judge how effective we are for you. Our team is not only free to pursue the best possible solution, but compelled to do so. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations.

“We carry the risk for the proper management and effective completion of the engagement. Unlike other professional firms which bill by the hour, there will not be any surprise bills after our work for you is complete.”

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